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The ‘Pen

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I suppose “Coxsy” is doing a lot of running his fingers through his hair these days as he looks over his potential Opening Day roster and figures out who stays and who goes in the 2008 bullpen.

What if I were making the 25 man roster, you ask? Well, here’s how I’d handle the pitching situation before March 31st.

I’d say of the guys on the bubble (Yates, Boyer, Resop) first we keep Yates who, with only 2ER’s this spring (the five walks might not factor if he can just shake the rust off) is looking pretty good as a right handed middle reliever. Boyer is out of options but Cox has given him some chances lately and been he’s holding his own (2IP’s 0ER’s 1H’s 3K’s against the Tribe on Tue. night.) If Jair Jurrjens gets a starting spot, which doesn’t seem unusual, he’s not in the bullpen but he should be a lock either way. James may end up going to Richmond (soon to be Gainesville) so he’s not in just yet but also not out of options so I’m ok with sending him down as a possible 5th starter if Jurrjens is too young to handle it. Peter “Thunda from Down Unda” Moylan who really shined in ‘07 will be back along with Manny Acosta (as set up man).

My prediction for the ‘pen:

Yates- 6th & 7th inn. relief righty
Ohman- lefty relief, specialist
Moylan- possible setup, middle relief, specialist
Ring- lefty relief, specialist (iffy)
Boyer- relief/inning killer
Starting Five:

Hampton (maybe)

So you’ll have to say goodbye to Reyes, James, Ridgway, Bennet, Carlyle, Lerew, Resop, and possibly Ring (I put him in there because I want two lefties in the pen). Five of the aforementioned started in ‘07. Unfortunately, Ring, Resop and Boyer, are out of options so this is their last chance with the Braves. In truth I’m really rootin’ for Boyer to stick around. He’s an Atlanta guy and been with us a few years and I think he’s got some talent when in good health. I’m also going with two lefties because I like having more than just one option if I need that arm to come in for situations.

Well, Coxsy does have his hands full. It’s nice to have some good talent to sift through. It’ll be interesting to see who we take into April. But there’s my prognostication. Please feel free to share yours with me as well.

Keep Choppin’,



A Quickie

Here’s a quick post. It’s been a busy week and even though I did follow the weekend set with Boston and lamented our 3 losses to the Nationals (of all teams!), I haven’t been as out of touch as this blog may convey.
So here’s the Quickie:

Andruw: You’re killing me! 51 k’s in 44 games? 5 against Boston? 7 LOB?!?!?! That’s what really smarts!!

Lerew, Redman et al: Our 3/5 of our rotation is not impressive by any stretch. I liked the comment I got about the Braves trading for some starting pitching. Maybe Salty would be good trade bait? Or Andruw I hate to say.

Hudson: Not worried, I still think he’s going to have his best Atlanta season and maybe best in a long time.

Mets in town: I love it, maybe we can gain some ground!

Stay in touch, Braves fans!

In Other News: A Forgettable Finish

Fhq9qyi2Well we head to RFK with a disappointing Mother’s Day loss in Pitt to snap the 5 game streak and go back to 1/2 game over the Mets. I guess those pink bats proved to be more fiesty than they look.

Every Pirate got a chance to do some damage to a disheveled Braves pitching staff. Even LaRoche raised his .167 BA today. A second series sweep will have to wait but a series win will suffice…anyways I like our chances against the Nationals.

I think we’ll still see some better things from Lerew…that is we’d better. The bottom half of the rotation has been so pathetic we need all the help we can get. Even all Anthony’s Pittsburgh family couldn’t get him a win today. We’ll see how he does in Boston.

Smoltzie goes on the hill for us tomorrow to start a long 4 game set in Washington before heading to Boston. Not much more to say about this one. Just blot it out and get ready for the Nats.

We’re Talking Baseball

Anothy Lerew comes in for the “injured” Mark Redman and pitches quite well. 7 k’s, 6IP, 2 H’s and 2R’s. The best thing about Lerew’s first MLB start that we haven’t seen from Davies and Redman…very few walks.
Andruw Jones hit an RBI single…wait a minute…did I really just write that? I just pinched myself and checked the stats and yes indeed Andruw Jones came up with a game winning RBI base hit when we needed it. You don’t need to go for the fences every at bat, AJ.

BASEBALL TOPIC OF THE DAY: Clemens rejoins the Yanks. Considering his delayed entries over the last two years and his opt out’s from Astro road trips does any team need a “team player” like Clemens coming in to save the day for the “rebuilding” New York Yankees? Please leave your thoughts.