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Jeff’s New Look


c/o TheLaunchingPad

After shaving off the beard, the “rally stache” just doesn’t work the same way.

Frenchy sat out today’s game against the Cubs after a 0-4 showing in the Desert that included 6 LOB’s and a GIDP  against the Snakes. I’m not trying to rip on Frenchy but maybe he needs more than a few spot sit out’s to get the bat going again. 

I was hopeful when he was sent to Mississippi he would have time to clear his head, retool, and get his act together. But Wren’s bizarre decision making made that a futile effort. A good week on the bench and some time to unplug may do him some good. 

But what do I know? I’m no hitting coach. 

All I can say is, I wish Francoeur the best and hope for the return of the (almost) .300, 100+ RBI season real soon. 

And I hope that mustache works out for him… the beard didn’t. 





Mike Hampton’s Backup

~JB, @ The Launching Pad

On the surface a 9-4 road win, and thusly the series win, would seem like a moment of bliss for us Braves denizens.

And yes there are some things to be excited about after last night’s
win. For instance Hudson’s 6 scoreless innings and the nine runs that
the feast or famine lineup put together. But this rosy-goggled blogger
who’s always looking for silver linings can’t get too carried away with
optimism just yet.

Chipper leaves the game. Hudson leaves the game. And Buddy gives up
a fourspot in 1/3 of an inning… the ninth inning. Seems like unless
your name is Mike Gonzalez you can’t get a scoreless ninth in a Braves
uniform. And even Mike has hit a few bumps along the way.

No I’m not looking for reasons to complain but this Jalopy of a
season keeps picking up flats. I haven’t heard word as of yet about how
long Chipper and Tim will be pine riding but news like this after what
was turning out to be a 9-0 win sucks the wind out of our already the
dreary sails.

Allegedly Mike Hampton is to pitch on Saturday. But if he doesn’t
make it to the start for some reason Mike Hampton’s backup said he’s
ready to go if needed…