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5 in a Row, Braves Take Two From Bucs

7syasp8hLast night:Gonzalez reappeared in Steel Town to get his second save as the Braves broke their 72 inning streak without a homerun by knocking back to backers in the sixth.

Good News: The two homers turned out to be enough to get the win and break their uncharacteristic home run drought.
Bad News: Not really bad, but I like seeing Brave wins without relying on the long ball. It’s a bit more NL and in my opinion, it’s what makes great teams have great years and produces great postseasons when they can manufacture runs.
Better News: Cox passed Sparky Anderson on the all time managerial wins list with 2,194…he got 2,195 today.

Tonight, the stories were Chuck James; 7 IP 1 H 0 R’s. It’s very encouraging to see James get a strong start and go deep into the game especially after seeing Davies have a good night. Maybe our starting pitching is going to carry us a little more than I first thought. Lerew is on the hill tomorrow. Let’s hope for another strong outing!

Scott Thorman broke out a little with 2hr’s, 5 RBI’s. Image_5389264

Willie Harris. I’ve mentioned his name in at least 4 of the last 5 blogs so of course he went 4-5 and now has a .467 avg in 30 AB’s. I’m loving Willie, the homegrown GA native, and his 4 SB’s to go along with a blistering BA to make a case for everyday play.

After a 9-2 spanking tonight, the Braves go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon and then head on to Washington to face the fledgling Nationals. Bring out the brooms!


Catching Up

Well we’ve got a lot of ground to cover since last week. I do apologize to all my many fellow bloggers. Recap: Here we go!

Braves get two series wins one with the Rox one with the Phils.
Langerhans is off to Oakland…Willie Harris, Georgia native comes in and gets last night’s winning hit. Sorry Ryan, we love you but Willie is fitting in so far.
Bob Wickman on the DL, 3 blown saves, he’ll back in strong form soon enough. Let’s stay optimistic.
Soriano fills in nicely last night with a save.
Andruw knocks a three run walk-off.
Hudson is dominant.
Chipper is leading the NL in HR’s (did anyone notice?)
Smoltz will be a Brave just a little bit longer with an extension.
Salatalamaccia made his debut last night and looked alright despite not getting a hit. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this seeing as how I love McCann but I was excited (as I always am to see MLB debuts).
And the Dodgers are coming

Two in a row: What me worry?

So the Bravos’ first matchup with the Fish for this year went a little something like this:

With one lefty gone and another picked up
We send the new lefty to try out his luck
With a team he once played for some years ago.
Who knew he would give up 5 runs in a row?

But he comes to Atlanta to show he’s got stuff
But we come to find out so far he’s not tough
With two losses to account for and much little else
It’s a shame we couldn’t pick up some pricier help

DaviesAnd while Atlanta is reeling, Paronto is feeling
Some pain down south of the border
We still have young Davies, one of our babies
That could restore some kind of order

So wake up the bats like we did with the Nats
And send a loud message to all
That here in Atlanta you don’t need Mylanta
If the relief pitchers come through at all.

Let’s hope for some better luck tonight.