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LA Here I Come!

This Wednesday  my wife and I will be on the west coast and Thursday I will be in attendance at Dodger Stadium for the first time to see my Braves play there. This will be the fourth stadium we’ve visited and third one where we’ve seen the Braves. Needless to say, we’re very excited.

With that said, Andruw just struck out (again) to end the first and  waste Chipper’s base hit.

So our little four game win streak was ended with Wickman blowing another save in Miami. This one hurts bad because we had rallied in the ninth and blew it. Still, I’m glad to see another series win and maybe it’s enough to get back on track.

Braves Talk: Let’s get your comments and feedback on the Braves two All Star selections. Anyone else feel that Edgar and Chipper or even Willie got slighted??? Also feel free to send in/post your vents and frustrations about the Braves or anything baseball.

Features and Feedback

I’m including a new feature on this blog where I respond to some of the many Braves emails I’ve received. I’m also planning on bringing back the Braves Hero of the Day but I would like to get some suggestions on that feature. Who are some of your favorite Braves heroes from all time???

Without further ado here’s the debut of

Tomahawk Town Mailbag:

DMoore9335 writes:

you get this message to the Braves Officials…..Because the Braves team of
broadcasters Sunday agreed with Miami writer which stated getting 3000 hits is
more monumental than getting 500 hundred homeruns….The fact of the matter is
there are less 500 homerun hitters in major league history than there are 3000
hit hitters…That alone disputes there analysis……..Bring back the
Broadcasters of the past!

JB writes: Thanks DMoore, I will make sure next time I see any Braves broadcasters to bring up your concerns. I agree that 500 is a more exclusive club. In any case, wasn’t it great to see two new members of both clubs? Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio are both class acts. Congrats, guys!

Elise writes:
From your blog, you appear to be a huge braves fan. I
was wondering if you knew the name of the song that
they play at turner field when Escobar comes up to bat?
Silly question I know but it is driving me and several
relatives crazy trying to figure it out.

JB writes: Elise, I’ve been to three games since your email and cannot place the song. However, I was fortunate enough to see Yunel play in Rome two years ago at Single A and it’s been exciting watching him play since his call up. Perhaps someone in the blogosphere can answer your question now that it’s posted.

And to close, here’s one from a Mets fan after our last series with NY

Phurrballe writes:

Your site is great. Thanks. I will keep posting….Braves played very well
this series. As always, the Braves are our nemisis but you guys have awesome
pitching. Hudson was unreal!!!
I will miss Shea when the new park opens in 2009. I have been going to Shea
for over 20 years now and it will seem very awkward when it closes. Hope you and
your wife do get there though before that happens.

Of course I am now watching the Yankee/Sox game. Any true blue Met fan is
not worth his/her salt if they did not despise the Yankees too.. Actually, I
rather like the Yankees themselves, it is Yankee fans that I despise.

JB writes: Well at least we can agree on one thing, Phurballe…we both hate the Yankees. In fact, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to see the Mets beat them even though Mets losses help the Braves. I guess I love it because I know how much it burns Yankee Nation to loose to the boys from Flushing. Keep in touch Mets fans!

There you have it. Let’s get back to some late night baseball from the Pacific side of things. Stay tuned for pics from our trip to Chavez Ravine. See ya!


Hoping to Split With the Nats

98ylvrbcWell we have to catch up little since last night.
Edgar’s two dingers helped big time and Hudson is pitching like he’s back on the west coast. Monday’s game could’ve been worse but not by much. Tonight’s game ticks me off because Kyle couldn’t keep any of the leads the Braves gave him throughout the night. Starting in the first inning, the offense kept runs on the board and Davies ended up allowing six before the bullpen came in to quiet things.

We can’t pull out miracle wins every night, especially with AJ striking out with RISP’s, so the pitching needs to step up and Davies needs to go down. I don’t know what happened but he doesn’t look anything like the promising prospect of ’05. More like an expendable Horacio Ramirez but still not as bad as Albie Lopez Part II (aka Mark Redman).

It was good to see Smoltz pitching today. A matchup with Daiske in Boston would be a treat on Saturday. If we don’t get tomorrow’s game from the Nationals, Boston is not gonna be a pretty place to play. It’ll be a tough series no matter what but I’m hoping the Braves will be up to the challenge by then.

The Good: Chipper returns; hits a double, scores. Yay, Chipper…now hit some more homers to get back in the lead!

Willie .404 and got another RBI tonight. He probably won’t be hitting .400 anything in September but it makes me happy to see Langerhans wearing a Nationals uniform these days.

Wickman’s back. Scoreless inning is a good show to work back in.

The Bad: Gonzalez on the DL because of “lack of velocity”. Just a breather for him really. It just stinks to sit a guy who had just come off 14 scoreless innings in a row. But I’d rather bench him if it means keeping him fueled later.

The Ugly: Davies IP 4.2 H 5 R 6 ER 2 BB 2 K’s 3 HR 1 5.17
Two ER’s isn’t that bad but what makes this ugly is that Kyle has had only one real memorable start this year. He’s failed to impress again.

Andruw. The two RBI’s were nice but the 2 K’s, 2 LOB’s, and .231 is not pretty. Not cleanup numbers at all.

Finally the Braves’ sale to Liberty Media became final today. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know our front office won’t shake up but TBS will not broadcast any more games after ’07. I guess since I grew up with Ted “running” the Braves and TBS it’s just a little sad to see the last remnants of what Turner put together gone. I miss the days of having one eccentric, passionate, owner rather than a faceless corporation at the helm. I mean who didn’t love watching the guy tomahawk chop with Jane Fonda in the owner’s seats?

So here’s to a new era and hopes that our new ownership will invest in this team with some vigor and strive for excellence.

We’re Talking Baseball

Anothy Lerew comes in for the “injured” Mark Redman and pitches quite well. 7 k’s, 6IP, 2 H’s and 2R’s. The best thing about Lerew’s first MLB start that we haven’t seen from Davies and Redman…very few walks.
Andruw Jones hit an RBI single…wait a minute…did I really just write that? I just pinched myself and checked the stats and yes indeed Andruw Jones came up with a game winning RBI base hit when we needed it. You don’t need to go for the fences every at bat, AJ.

BASEBALL TOPIC OF THE DAY: Clemens rejoins the Yanks. Considering his delayed entries over the last two years and his opt out’s from Astro road trips does any team need a “team player” like Clemens coming in to save the day for the “rebuilding” New York Yankees? Please leave your thoughts.

Catching Up

Well we’ve got a lot of ground to cover since last week. I do apologize to all my many fellow bloggers. Recap: Here we go!

Braves get two series wins one with the Rox one with the Phils.
Langerhans is off to Oakland…Willie Harris, Georgia native comes in and gets last night’s winning hit. Sorry Ryan, we love you but Willie is fitting in so far.
Bob Wickman on the DL, 3 blown saves, he’ll back in strong form soon enough. Let’s stay optimistic.
Soriano fills in nicely last night with a save.
Andruw knocks a three run walk-off.
Hudson is dominant.
Chipper is leading the NL in HR’s (did anyone notice?)
Smoltz will be a Brave just a little bit longer with an extension.
Salatalamaccia made his debut last night and looked alright despite not getting a hit. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this seeing as how I love McCann but I was excited (as I always am to see MLB debuts).
And the Dodgers are coming

Ugh…Split with the Cubs?



While Wednesday night’s victory was nothing less than inspirational (as well as the Bravo’s 6th come from behind win this year), Thursday night we were kept quiet by a talented young southpaw name Rich Hill. My hat’s off to him by the way. There’s a reason his ERA is leading the league. Now, how can WE pick him up? hmmmm.

Meanwhile, Mark Redman actually didn’t look too bad. He went 7 and 1/3, giving up three, but couldn’t get any run support. Redman’s limited walk total (2 BB’s) and a decent 5 k’s isn’t too shabby. 


When the Vulture came in to the 8th I was thinking win. But Oscar would have to give up some runs first for that to happen.

We need to wake up the bats tonight against Pelfry especially with Hudson on the mound. I was encouraged by Redman’s outing it was good to see him last into the eighth.

Looking back at Wednesday.

Diaz’s hustle in the 7th was the turning point for this game. Timely hitting from Johnson and Renteria kept it going in the clutch. Nods to Edgar’s redemptive double play starting snag in the 8th. Thorman’s timely solo shot to keep us alive. Frenchy’s three run blast in the first. The Vulture; how does he do it? Wickman, nicely done to get Save number five.

Davies even looked decent. Not great numbers but not a terrible start. String some more great ones together to get his confidence and dominance back and we’ll feel a little better about the rotation.

Well, Mets. Here we come. You gotta love this. Two teams off to great starts meeting for a second time. This time at Shea. You gotta be excited when you have a 10-4 and 10-5 team going at it even if it’s "just" April. For Mets fans it’s a real treat after having to play sub par Nats, Phils, and Marlins teams (and eating them alive I might add) to get a team that’s full of talent, bringing some competition, and of course, arch/bitter/nasty/rivals. Dontcha love baseball?

Miscues Aplenty, Braves Squeak Out a Win


So what would cause Smoltz to uncharacteristically slam his glove in the dugout after a fairly strong 6 innings? Well let’s see…was it the leadoff triple in the seventh? One if not all of the three errors defensively committed by the Braves that made it much closer game than it should’ve been? Maybe it was just so dang cold it got Smoltzie fired up? Then again, that’s what I love about Smoltz, 6 innings and four runs isn’t good enough for him or his team.

In any case, the Braves did get the win but it wasn’t pretty. Rare errors from Edgar and Chipper gave the Nats more chances than they deserved and it looked like another stellar Smoltz start (6+ innings, 2 earned runs) would be wasted.  This time a poor defense, rather than ineffective bats, would threatened to foil John’s second "W". Let’s all take a moment here to blame it on the cold…ok, that’s better.

The Good: Kelly Johnson 4-5 night, 2 runs scored, 2 SB’s; Leadoff numbers. Thanks, Kelly!
2 RBI’s from Frenchy (now leading the Braves with 12), Edgar, McCann, Andruw contribute. Oh yeah, and Chipper’s ninth inning dinger. Smoltz’s 6 innings with 2ER’s isn’t bad he got the win. Soriano and Villareal solid out of the ‘pen and Wickman gets number 4. Nice!

The Bad: It was cold. Smoltzie hates the cold. Only 2 strikeouts. Not very Smoltzie.

The Ugly: Edgar’s erratic throw, costly error in the seventh, and another that easily could’ve been number 3 but went as a hit. Chipper’s bobble wasn’t pretty either.

Well I’m hoping for a warm and dry night as my Bravos come home to host the underachieving Cubs for two games…that’s it two games? You’re joking right? We play the Cubs once at home and it’s a two gamer?!?!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to a Braves win tonight and hope we can go into Shea with some better momentum than another two game split. Go Braves!