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This Just in…Tex is a Brave!

Ph_407893So what do you think about this Braves fans? A big pickup (though it comes at great cost in losing Salty to the Rangers). We also got a much needed pickup in the lefty Mahay who is coming in as part of the deal.

While it is indeed sad to see Salty depart, it’s official, we have picked up a major impact player to uplift our lineup by adding star first baseman Mark Teixeira to the Atlanta Braves. Looks like the Scott Thorman era is over and so is the Saltalamacchia era incidentally.

It looked like all but a certainty today as the rumors flew and the deadline neared but now we have some answers to our woes at first base. A big bolster and a move that shows our GM is still serious about getting the pennant back in Atlanta.

While the addition of Mahay (whom at the moment I know little about) is good news, I still feel our greatest long term need is another rotation man.

So here are the questions. Do you now move AJ to seventh as so many of you out there have suggested? Are we now more prepared to say goodbye to Andruw as a result of bringing in Tex? Keep in mind Tex is here for sure until October at the latest and  has the Dred Pirate Boras as his agent…so can we sign him for less than what AJ might want? W
e could be set at CF if we could keep a heavy bat in the lineup. I don’t see many scenarios where we keep both but we’ve got for now so hopefully we can make the best of it.

Braves Bloggers, chime in! What do you think of the biggest trade since Sheffield came over?

Keep choppin’ !