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LA Here I Come!

This Wednesday  my wife and I will be on the west coast and Thursday I will be in attendance at Dodger Stadium for the first time to see my Braves play there. This will be the fourth stadium we’ve visited and third one where we’ve seen the Braves. Needless to say, we’re very excited.

With that said, Andruw just struck out (again) to end the first and  waste Chipper’s base hit.

So our little four game win streak was ended with Wickman blowing another save in Miami. This one hurts bad because we had rallied in the ninth and blew it. Still, I’m glad to see another series win and maybe it’s enough to get back on track.

Braves Talk: Let’s get your comments and feedback on the Braves two All Star selections. Anyone else feel that Edgar and Chipper or even Willie got slighted??? Also feel free to send in/post your vents and frustrations about the Braves or anything baseball.

Features and Feedback

I’m including a new feature on this blog where I respond to some of the many Braves emails I’ve received. I’m also planning on bringing back the Braves Hero of the Day but I would like to get some suggestions on that feature. Who are some of your favorite Braves heroes from all time???

Without further ado here’s the debut of

Tomahawk Town Mailbag:

DMoore9335 writes:

you get this message to the Braves Officials…..Because the Braves team of
broadcasters Sunday agreed with Miami writer which stated getting 3000 hits is
more monumental than getting 500 hundred homeruns….The fact of the matter is
there are less 500 homerun hitters in major league history than there are 3000
hit hitters…That alone disputes there analysis……..Bring back the
Broadcasters of the past!

JB writes: Thanks DMoore, I will make sure next time I see any Braves broadcasters to bring up your concerns. I agree that 500 is a more exclusive club. In any case, wasn’t it great to see two new members of both clubs? Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio are both class acts. Congrats, guys!

Elise writes:
From your blog, you appear to be a huge braves fan. I
was wondering if you knew the name of the song that
they play at turner field when Escobar comes up to bat?
Silly question I know but it is driving me and several
relatives crazy trying to figure it out.

JB writes: Elise, I’ve been to three games since your email and cannot place the song. However, I was fortunate enough to see Yunel play in Rome two years ago at Single A and it’s been exciting watching him play since his call up. Perhaps someone in the blogosphere can answer your question now that it’s posted.

And to close, here’s one from a Mets fan after our last series with NY

Phurrballe writes:

Your site is great. Thanks. I will keep posting….Braves played very well
this series. As always, the Braves are our nemisis but you guys have awesome
pitching. Hudson was unreal!!!
I will miss Shea when the new park opens in 2009. I have been going to Shea
for over 20 years now and it will seem very awkward when it closes. Hope you and
your wife do get there though before that happens.

Of course I am now watching the Yankee/Sox game. Any true blue Met fan is
not worth his/her salt if they did not despise the Yankees too.. Actually, I
rather like the Yankees themselves, it is Yankee fans that I despise.

JB writes: Well at least we can agree on one thing, Phurballe…we both hate the Yankees. In fact, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to see the Mets beat them even though Mets losses help the Braves. I guess I love it because I know how much it burns Yankee Nation to loose to the boys from Flushing. Keep in touch Mets fans!

There you have it. Let’s get back to some late night baseball from the Pacific side of things. Stay tuned for pics from our trip to Chavez Ravine. See ya!


This Week’s Good the Bad and The Ugly

The Good: Hudson. Need I say more? I will though. The guy records 12 k’s goes 8 innings without a run. But he starts the ninth and the rest falls into the ugly category. Chipper, KJ, and Diaz homer. Tuesday’s ninth inning was magnificent because the Braves played small ball and made some runs happen. We need more of that kind of timely hitting. Homers will not carry us through the season.

The Bad: Losing two out three to the Fish and our  first series of the season.

The Ugly: Andruw 0-4 with 3k’s and 4 lob’s last night.  A measly .230 BA. I hate to admit it, Braves fans, but it surprised me little when Andruw struck out with the bases loaded. This guy will hit 40+ hrs when it’s all said and done but we need clutch from Andruw not always long balls. AJ’s start is a little embarassing. Leaving Hudson in as long in the ninth. There’s an argument both ways for keeping him in or pulling him but I’d rather have the ballgame and good momentum going into Colorado. Last night was just miserable especially considering how well Hudson pitched. An otherwise tremendous start got wasted and Hudson racked up 3 ER’s when it was all said and done.

Well, with the pounding the Rox put on the Mets yesterday we’ve settled on a tie for first. Now we go into Colorado with Smoltz and James and then the back end of the rotation. Lance, come on and pitch for us and get at least the number 4 spot looking good again!Urlysokr

Two in a row: What me worry?

So the Bravos’ first matchup with the Fish for this year went a little something like this:

With one lefty gone and another picked up
We send the new lefty to try out his luck
With a team he once played for some years ago.
Who knew he would give up 5 runs in a row?

But he comes to Atlanta to show he’s got stuff
But we come to find out so far he’s not tough
With two losses to account for and much little else
It’s a shame we couldn’t pick up some pricier help

DaviesAnd while Atlanta is reeling, Paronto is feeling
Some pain down south of the border
We still have young Davies, one of our babies
That could restore some kind of order

So wake up the bats like we did with the Nats
And send a loud message to all
That here in Atlanta you don’t need Mylanta
If the relief pitchers come through at all.

Let’s hope for some better luck tonight.

Smoltz Sparkles but Lack of Offense Keeps Braves from Sweep


Smoltz’s six K’s and 7 scoreless innings weren’t enough for the Braves as they couldn’t muster more than two hits against Nationals pitching. Chad Cordero made his first appearance to save the Nat’s only second lead in the first 2 weeks of the season. Although the Washington lead was jeopardized in the bottom half of the ninth when the Braves loaded the bases, Thorman’s check swing, full count strikeout stranded them and doubled the Nationals win total for ’07.
Smoltz wasn’t in dominate form but went eight and had a lot of out pitches working for him. The two hit batsmen (who were both Chris Snelling) hurt Smoltz the most. The later coming in the eighth and proved to be the winning run. However, the real problem lies in something that has plagued John in the past and kept him from a number of wins in seasons past; lack of run support. Although the Brave bats came alive for 16 in the first two, a shutout against DC is a hideous blemish on an otherwise promising season. At least the Braves lack of offense has been saved for their only two loses of the season (only one run scored in both of those defeats).

So although I’m unhappy to see a loss and would love to head into the weekend set with Florida with two divisional sweeps, I’ll take a third straight series win and a mostly strong outing from Smoltz any day.

Like I always say, great pitching will give you a great season. Batting will be off some nights causing the best lineups to get no hit and the best sluggers to slump. We have a lineup made up of mostly proven hitters who will come around. Now if we’re in late September and our lineup has only managed 3 RBI’s in two weeks my optimism may be replaced by an adamant plea with the Boys to get the bat on the ball.

As for now, apart from Macay McBride’s second infuriating time loading the bases in late innings, I like how our pitching is looking and thus say: let’s go Fishing!