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Trade Talks and Bonds

How can you not talk about Bonds? With the Braves in town to silence his bat for the week (hopefully Huddy can keep it up after Smoltzie kept the G-men to 2 runs). As it stands now at this late night post the west coast brings tidings of a 4-0 lead at the moment. Perhaps we’ll see some poetic justice though only short lived, if the Braves pitching can stave off Barry’s home run quest for just another series.
Speaking of which I’d like to hear a little more feedback from you in Braves blogosphere. What are your thoughts on Barry’s approach to Hank? Anyone else feel it’s so painfully obvious he’s a juicer that the surrealism outweighs any kind of pure excitement usually attached with a record breaking feat like this?

Also, let’s hear some more of your ideas. Let’s say YOU are J. Schuerholz today. You wake up with the ’07 Braves and it’s late July. What moves would you make? Post or email your GM moves.

Top of the eighth. Braves 4 Giants 0. Better yet…Barry, 1-3 Chipper 2-2 with a dinger and Huddy still going strong!


7-1 Braves Roll

ChipperSo the Jones boys woke up to the tune of 5 RBI’s and Kelly pitched in. I love seeing a 7-1 start to the season. Soriano wasn’t automatic and gave up three runs but Gonzalez and Wickman gave a good showing.

In other news: Daiske’s anticipated Boston debut wasn’t horrendous but not dominating. Felix Hernandez on the other hand had a no-hit bid into the eighth. I like seeing the Sox win so it’s too bad Matsuzaka wasn’t more impressive. I still think he’ll have to be reckoned with as the season goes on. I’m looking forward to his first Yankees start. Keep blogging.