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In Game Blog

Well last night was a good start to the series and nice way to bounce back after being bounced around by the Nationals and Red Sox. An 8-1 win over the visiting Mets sets the stage nicely for the second set tonight. The story of last night would be Kyle Davies and his eight inning one run performance…oh and by the way the guy hit a three run homer to dead center! Maybe Kyle is coming around a little, put him in the four spot he’s only 5 homers behind Andruw now.
This in game blog comes to you as the Braves wrap up the bottom of the second inning. Andruw gets plunked on the toe and then runs a little unaggressively to second base for an easy double play.

Tonight’s shakeup’s. Prado in at second, Salty behind the plate, Woodward at first base.

James on the hill against Perez who’s looked good against us this year. Here’s hoping we can bust open on him tonight and James can get win number 5.

Reyes on first, let’s se if he tests Salty’s arm.


Ugh…Split with the Cubs?



While Wednesday night’s victory was nothing less than inspirational (as well as the Bravo’s 6th come from behind win this year), Thursday night we were kept quiet by a talented young southpaw name Rich Hill. My hat’s off to him by the way. There’s a reason his ERA is leading the league. Now, how can WE pick him up? hmmmm.

Meanwhile, Mark Redman actually didn’t look too bad. He went 7 and 1/3, giving up three, but couldn’t get any run support. Redman’s limited walk total (2 BB’s) and a decent 5 k’s isn’t too shabby. 


When the Vulture came in to the 8th I was thinking win. But Oscar would have to give up some runs first for that to happen.

We need to wake up the bats tonight against Pelfry especially with Hudson on the mound. I was encouraged by Redman’s outing it was good to see him last into the eighth.

Looking back at Wednesday.

Diaz’s hustle in the 7th was the turning point for this game. Timely hitting from Johnson and Renteria kept it going in the clutch. Nods to Edgar’s redemptive double play starting snag in the 8th. Thorman’s timely solo shot to keep us alive. Frenchy’s three run blast in the first. The Vulture; how does he do it? Wickman, nicely done to get Save number five.

Davies even looked decent. Not great numbers but not a terrible start. String some more great ones together to get his confidence and dominance back and we’ll feel a little better about the rotation.

Well, Mets. Here we come. You gotta love this. Two teams off to great starts meeting for a second time. This time at Shea. You gotta be excited when you have a 10-4 and 10-5 team going at it even if it’s "just" April. For Mets fans it’s a real treat after having to play sub par Nats, Phils, and Marlins teams (and eating them alive I might add) to get a team that’s full of talent, bringing some competition, and of course, arch/bitter/nasty/rivals. Dontcha love baseball?

Two in a row: What me worry?

So the Bravos’ first matchup with the Fish for this year went a little something like this:

With one lefty gone and another picked up
We send the new lefty to try out his luck
With a team he once played for some years ago.
Who knew he would give up 5 runs in a row?

But he comes to Atlanta to show he’s got stuff
But we come to find out so far he’s not tough
With two losses to account for and much little else
It’s a shame we couldn’t pick up some pricier help

DaviesAnd while Atlanta is reeling, Paronto is feeling
Some pain down south of the border
We still have young Davies, one of our babies
That could restore some kind of order

So wake up the bats like we did with the Nats
And send a loud message to all
That here in Atlanta you don’t need Mylanta
If the relief pitchers come through at all.

Let’s hope for some better luck tonight.