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Dome, Dome on the Range…

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Yesterday, strong through five and then the hits just kept on comin’. The sixth inning was Huddy’s undoing and the 8th inning comeback wasn’t substantial after Acosta got done with the bottom half.

As if the 6 runs Hudson allowed weren’t bothersome enough…

Acosta and Big Boy. Both like to serve ’em up.

Good news is, Teixeira’s newly enlivened bat makes Joe-Boo very happy.

Francoeur needs to eat his Wheaties or something.

Here, Jeff. Download this, insert your image, put it in your locker and play like a Champion!


We just couldn’t get the bats to do anything. Real bummer to lose a game 1-0 after Jo Jo pitched as well as he did. 

The only thing that cab make this Braves blogger not jump off a cliff is a series win against the Phils back at home. 

Keep Choppin’


Going for 4 and 5

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As I mentioned before, we have a chance of going 4-5 on the road if we can get a win tonight. Two series wins on the road? How the sweet the sound. Then we can forget all about Chicago and even that miserable series at home with the Philistines and move on to kicking the Mariners (25-47) while they’re down. 

What I Like About You

Gonzo the prize fighter rocking back and forth on the mound as he saves it with a 1-2-3 ninth inning. 

Reyes went 7 and gave up one earned run. Still didn’t get the win but another impressive start makes me say that if Hampton is ever healthy enough to pitch again, trade him to Japan, we’ve got a lefty, thanks. 

Chipper maintains .400 for another day but more importantly, he hits #402. I can’t wait to see the MVP come back to Atlanta after a nine year absence. 

And maybe we got the win after Frenchy reached on an error but we let the game get tied on an error and I’ll take a win any way I can. 

Why Oh Why?

Mark Teixeira 8 for his last 39 after another hitless night. Look, I don’t want to turn into a pessimistic hater or anything but come on. The “slow start” is getting a little old. 


A win tonight=series win

Series win= 2 series wins on the road

2 series wins on the road= 4-5 record for the trip

Win tonight also =’s .500 record again and a trip back home for Mariners, Brewers and Phillies again. 

Time to gain some ground. 

Going for Three in a Row, Four Against the Mets


A lot of things went right last night.

The Lineup

Kelly had a big 2-4 night w/ 4 RBI’s.

Tex had a pair and has only one hitless night in his last 10 games going 14/44 .318, 2 HRs, 9 RBI’s. Maybe the slumping start is coming to an end.

Chipper got a hit to increase his chances of finishing April above .400. I’d like to see 3 more HR’s before the month is over to bring his total to 10…. But I don’t mean to be greedy.

In fact everyone in the regular lineup with the exception of Diaz (and Yunel who left early with a really bad boo boo…but we’ll check on him later) got hits.

The Starter
Was actually a lot better than the 3rd inning would indicate. After that Dutch Merry-Go-Round Jurrjens hosted Jair slammed the door, retiring 10 Mets in a row and recording 4 K’s for the night. If you watch Jurrjens pitch location and the calls he was getting it looks like the strike zone was shrunken to just about the size of Barry Bonds’ testicles.

After an exasperated non-verbal reaction from Jair, Tim McClelland came out barking and Bobby came a-runnin’. After Cox’s first ejection of the year, Jurrjens didn’t even seem phased.

This is actually the kind of start that makes you feel great about his potential and his place in a rotation that needs to stay strong and healthy. Rather than having a meltdown after an infuriating 3rd inning he pitched a fine game.

The Bullpen
Ohman, Boyer, Ring, Acosta, worked to keep the door Jurrjens slammed from coming (ahem) “A-Jair”. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). The bullpen that we’ve been biting our nails about since Moylan, Soriano, Gonzalez have been missing allowed no runs, no hits, no walks, and got 2 K’s…against the Mets…at Shea. I love it. Delgado even got booed after whiffing to strike out to Boyer in the ninth. Looks like trouble in paradise.

We’ve got Hudson on the mound going up against John Maine.
How They Compare

Hudson 3-1, 2.93, 5/16(BB/K), 1 HR, 30.2 IP’s, bald head, cool tattoo.

Maine 1-2, 3.57, 14/16 (BB/K), 3 HR, 22.2 IP’s, played “The Joker” in the Batman movie.

So I like the matchup for today’s game. Maine is a good pitcher but Hudson has better control, can last longer, and uh…. excuse me this is starting to sound like a Viagra commercial or something.

I’m going to quit now. Enjoy the game.