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Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

That’s one “Sweep” for each game won this week.

I’m sorry if I sound a little bit like a gloater but I’m not gonna lie…. it feels so good.

A double header sweep is nice.

A three game sweep is really great.

A four game sweep… I think I’m gonna cry.

Apologies to¬†Eddie¬†because he’s my one and only Mets fan friend…

But I have to confess, tonight’s win makes me as a giddy as a younger version of myself sitting in front of a bowl of Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning.

But Braves fans, we have got to make Turner Field a much more hostile environment than it has been. This kind of series win gives us the right to swagger, trash talk, and make the Ted a place where you do not want to be a visiting fan sporting your “Wright” jersey. I’m not saying it needs to get ugly and be full of drunken fist fights but when we say stuff like “We must protect this house”…. we’d better mean it.
Well that’s good for now. I’m not one to make as many enemies as I can but we’re entitled to a little bragging and nose rubbing tonight.