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Going for 4 and 5

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As I mentioned before, we have a chance of going 4-5 on the road if we can get a win tonight. Two series wins on the road? How the sweet the sound. Then we can forget all about Chicago and even that miserable series at home with the Philistines and move on to kicking the Mariners (25-47) while they’re down. 

What I Like About You

Gonzo the prize fighter rocking back and forth on the mound as he saves it with a 1-2-3 ninth inning. 

Reyes went 7 and gave up one earned run. Still didn’t get the win but another impressive start makes me say that if Hampton is ever healthy enough to pitch again, trade him to Japan, we’ve got a lefty, thanks. 

Chipper maintains .400 for another day but more importantly, he hits #402. I can’t wait to see the MVP come back to Atlanta after a nine year absence. 

And maybe we got the win after Frenchy reached on an error but we let the game get tied on an error and I’ll take a win any way I can. 

Why Oh Why?

Mark Teixeira 8 for his last 39 after another hitless night. Look, I don’t want to turn into a pessimistic hater or anything but come on. The “slow start” is getting a little old. 


A win tonight=series win

Series win= 2 series wins on the road

2 series wins on the road= 4-5 record for the trip

Win tonight also =’s .500 record again and a trip back home for Mariners, Brewers and Phillies again. 

Time to gain some ground. 


On to Game Two

Yesterday’s victory marks a return to form after May ended up being a little more woeful than anticipated. A series win over the Brewers helps make up for the sweep (slightly). The best thing is to just put that Philly nightmare behind us.
Friday’s win over the Cubs makes you smile but you gotta shake your head a little bit just wondering how much the Chicago team can take. After spending $300 million to get a competitive team out there, they’ve been big time underachievers so far. One of the many boiling points of course came after the fifth with Zambrano and Barrett exchanging blows. I mean how bad can a season be for a team when it comes to ugly dugout scuffles that conjour thoughts of Kent and Bonds in SF?

Still our fortunes have taken a bad turn this week. Notably, Gonzalez lost for the season. He’ll be sitting out with Hampton for ’07. What hurts the most in these situations is thinking about how much we gave up to get him, having no more performance from him, yet still paying for it.

Chipper’s on the 15 day DL but most of us Braves fans were just wondering when it was going to happen. At least this time it’s a hand and not a foot and we get to see Yunel Escobar play today, whom I’ve been excited about since seeing him play in Rome 2 years ago. Ph_488862

In other news, I’ll be at the day half of the double header on Tuesday for my birthday to see our makeup against the Fish so be expecting some more pics.

In Game Blog

Well last night was a good start to the series and nice way to bounce back after being bounced around by the Nationals and Red Sox. An 8-1 win over the visiting Mets sets the stage nicely for the second set tonight. The story of last night would be Kyle Davies and his eight inning one run performance…oh and by the way the guy hit a three run homer to dead center! Maybe Kyle is coming around a little, put him in the four spot he’s only 5 homers behind Andruw now.
This in game blog comes to you as the Braves wrap up the bottom of the second inning. Andruw gets plunked on the toe and then runs a little unaggressively to second base for an easy double play.

Tonight’s shakeup’s. Prado in at second, Salty behind the plate, Woodward at first base.

James on the hill against Perez who’s looked good against us this year. Here’s hoping we can bust open on him tonight and James can get win number 5.

Reyes on first, let’s se if he tests Salty’s arm.

Hoping to Split With the Nats

98ylvrbcWell we have to catch up little since last night.
Edgar’s two dingers helped big time and Hudson is pitching like he’s back on the west coast. Monday’s game could’ve been worse but not by much. Tonight’s game ticks me off because Kyle couldn’t keep any of the leads the Braves gave him throughout the night. Starting in the first inning, the offense kept runs on the board and Davies ended up allowing six before the bullpen came in to quiet things.

We can’t pull out miracle wins every night, especially with AJ striking out with RISP’s, so the pitching needs to step up and Davies needs to go down. I don’t know what happened but he doesn’t look anything like the promising prospect of ’05. More like an expendable Horacio Ramirez but still not as bad as Albie Lopez Part II (aka Mark Redman).

It was good to see Smoltz pitching today. A matchup with Daiske in Boston would be a treat on Saturday. If we don’t get tomorrow’s game from the Nationals, Boston is not gonna be a pretty place to play. It’ll be a tough series no matter what but I’m hoping the Braves will be up to the challenge by then.

The Good: Chipper returns; hits a double, scores. Yay, Chipper…now hit some more homers to get back in the lead!

Willie .404 and got another RBI tonight. He probably won’t be hitting .400 anything in September but it makes me happy to see Langerhans wearing a Nationals uniform these days.

Wickman’s back. Scoreless inning is a good show to work back in.

The Bad: Gonzalez on the DL because of “lack of velocity”. Just a breather for him really. It just stinks to sit a guy who had just come off 14 scoreless innings in a row. But I’d rather bench him if it means keeping him fueled later.

The Ugly: Davies IP 4.2 H 5 R 6 ER 2 BB 2 K’s 3 HR 1 5.17
Two ER’s isn’t that bad but what makes this ugly is that Kyle has had only one real memorable start this year. He’s failed to impress again.

Andruw. The two RBI’s were nice but the 2 K’s, 2 LOB’s, and .231 is not pretty. Not cleanup numbers at all.

Finally the Braves’ sale to Liberty Media became final today. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know our front office won’t shake up but TBS will not broadcast any more games after ’07. I guess since I grew up with Ted “running” the Braves and TBS it’s just a little sad to see the last remnants of what Turner put together gone. I miss the days of having one eccentric, passionate, owner rather than a faceless corporation at the helm. I mean who didn’t love watching the guy tomahawk chop with Jane Fonda in the owner’s seats?

So here’s to a new era and hopes that our new ownership will invest in this team with some vigor and strive for excellence.

Deja Vu

O23juxmnThe self proclaimed pull hitter came through for the second night in a row landing the go ahead RBI single into right field. No, I’m not posting on Tuesday night’s game again and yes you heard right; Andruw Jones not only got a hit when it counted…he went the other way.

Smoltz vs. Maddux was not a letdown on any level.

Smoltz (W, 5-1)

IP 7.0 H 7 R 2 ER2 BB 0 SO7 HR 2
IP 5.1 H4 R1 ER1 BB2 SO4 HR0

Not bad, considering that not only were the two in the throes of a memorable pitcher’s duel but the 40k+ that showed up got to see two future HOFer’s go at it.

Today’s matchup is not one to overlook either. Hudson and Wells is a nice way to end the series and send the Pad’s packin’.

I’ll be there today. Which is nice because I’ll get a day off at the ballgame…and a free Chipper Jones shirt.

We’re Talking Baseball

Anothy Lerew comes in for the “injured” Mark Redman and pitches quite well. 7 k’s, 6IP, 2 H’s and 2R’s. The best thing about Lerew’s first MLB start that we haven’t seen from Davies and Redman…very few walks.
Andruw Jones hit an RBI single…wait a minute…did I really just write that? I just pinched myself and checked the stats and yes indeed Andruw Jones came up with a game winning RBI base hit when we needed it. You don’t need to go for the fences every at bat, AJ.

BASEBALL TOPIC OF THE DAY: Clemens rejoins the Yanks. Considering his delayed entries over the last two years and his opt out’s from Astro road trips does any team need a “team player” like Clemens coming in to save the day for the “rebuilding” New York Yankees? Please leave your thoughts.

Braves’ 6th Inning-Hopefully on to 7-1

Chuck’s only given up three hits and no runs. Chipper got a tater which gave him his long awaited first two RBI’s of the early season. I’m really hoping to see James stand out in the rotation. He’s got in a little trouble with two out but six solid is pretty nice. We really need a standout lefty especially with Hampton out again. (By the way we’re all waiting to see what happens with Mike’s insurance and whether or not a majority of his salary will be covered). Gonzalez just got through another scoreless inning. I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference he’ll make. He takes the mound with a lot of confidence and aggressiveness.
I’m looking over and seeing the Phillies are looking to double their season win total over the Mets tonight. I haven’t looked into that game yet to see what’s been going on but I’m thinking some of those Phillies sleeping bats have woken up a little. Ours really need to do that. Last night was mostly given to us but 11 strikeouts from Andruw and Chipper just now getting his first two RBI’s and a buck 30 for Johnson won’t cut it. Fortunately the pitching is looking great. Bats will be streaky but consistent pitching will win games.