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Going for 4 and 5

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As I mentioned before, we have a chance of going 4-5 on the road if we can get a win tonight. Two series wins on the road? How the sweet the sound. Then we can forget all about Chicago and even that miserable series at home with the Philistines and move on to kicking the Mariners (25-47) while they’re down. 

What I Like About You

Gonzo the prize fighter rocking back and forth on the mound as he saves it with a 1-2-3 ninth inning. 

Reyes went 7 and gave up one earned run. Still didn’t get the win but another impressive start makes me say that if Hampton is ever healthy enough to pitch again, trade him to Japan, we’ve got a lefty, thanks. 

Chipper maintains .400 for another day but more importantly, he hits #402. I can’t wait to see the MVP come back to Atlanta after a nine year absence. 

And maybe we got the win after Frenchy reached on an error but we let the game get tied on an error and I’ll take a win any way I can. 

Why Oh Why?

Mark Teixeira 8 for his last 39 after another hitless night. Look, I don’t want to turn into a pessimistic hater or anything but come on. The “slow start” is getting a little old. 


A win tonight=series win

Series win= 2 series wins on the road

2 series wins on the road= 4-5 record for the trip

Win tonight also =’s .500 record again and a trip back home for Mariners, Brewers and Phillies again. 

Time to gain some ground.