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Another Sunday, Another Rubber Game

~JB, TV makes me stupider

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So until baseball is on at the weird West Coast time of 4:05pm we
flip channels. My wife pauses on some reality show long enough for us
to mindlessly try to pick up on the “story”.

It’s purgatory.

Two and a half hours to first pitch and the last game and series
before the Break. For the second time this week we get a rubber game
and I’m hoping this one goes our way.

As this series closes out, I wonder what will come of the Braves by
the trade deadline. We’re 6.5 games out at game start and best case
scenario we could be 5.5 or with a loss 7.5. It’s not insurmountable
but it’s such a grey area in terms of what kind of direction to take
the team.

The thing is, the Braves haven’t had a throwaway season in a very
long time. I don’t even know what a “rebuilding” year would look like.
And to be honest, I don’t think we’ll make anything but attempts at
improvement at the deadline.

Call me optimistic or maybe I just think I know Braves management
enough to see them as competitors and not rebuilders when we have the
kind of talent (though underachieving or injured) that we do. And 5.5
at best or 7.5 at worst doesn’t take us completely out of contention.
The question is, is this the kind of team that can pull it off? So far,
that team hasn’t shown up.

Last Night

Morton gave up only one earned run and got a win.

Frenchy got 3 hits one of them with the bases loaded if you can believe that.

Lillibridge hit his first homer and Chipper had one of the lovely 3 hit nights. I guess the slump is over.

Campillo (3-4) takes the mound tonight and though he’s gotten knocked around lately, he hasn’t been all that bad.

Whaddya say we end this half with a series win? Perhaps even an inspired, encouraging win that gets us 5.5 back and closing in.

I’m going to wait a little while longer before I abandon postseason
hopes. Maybe I’m delaying for myself acceptance of the inevitable, but
I’m gonna tough it out a little longer.


What moves are you expecting to see made? Do you think Ohman and Teixeira are on their way before the season closes in?

Are you ready to admit defeat and go into rebuilding mode? If so, who are you hoping to pick up as we get ready for next year?

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Deja Vu

O23juxmnThe self proclaimed pull hitter came through for the second night in a row landing the go ahead RBI single into right field. No, I’m not posting on Tuesday night’s game again and yes you heard right; Andruw Jones not only got a hit when it counted…he went the other way.

Smoltz vs. Maddux was not a letdown on any level.

Smoltz (W, 5-1)

IP 7.0 H 7 R 2 ER2 BB 0 SO7 HR 2
IP 5.1 H4 R1 ER1 BB2 SO4 HR0

Not bad, considering that not only were the two in the throes of a memorable pitcher’s duel but the 40k+ that showed up got to see two future HOFer’s go at it.

Today’s matchup is not one to overlook either. Hudson and Wells is a nice way to end the series and send the Pad’s packin’.

I’ll be there today. Which is nice because I’ll get a day off at the ballgame…and a free Chipper Jones shirt.

We’re Talking Baseball

Anothy Lerew comes in for the “injured” Mark Redman and pitches quite well. 7 k’s, 6IP, 2 H’s and 2R’s. The best thing about Lerew’s first MLB start that we haven’t seen from Davies and Redman…very few walks.
Andruw Jones hit an RBI single…wait a minute…did I really just write that? I just pinched myself and checked the stats and yes indeed Andruw Jones came up with a game winning RBI base hit when we needed it. You don’t need to go for the fences every at bat, AJ.

BASEBALL TOPIC OF THE DAY: Clemens rejoins the Yanks. Considering his delayed entries over the last two years and his opt out’s from Astro road trips does any team need a “team player” like Clemens coming in to save the day for the “rebuilding” New York Yankees? Please leave your thoughts.

Braves Topics

With the Padres in town, Redman on the DL, Willie Harris off to a good start lets check out what’s on the radar for the Braves this week.
Anthony Lerew makes his first MLB start tonight, anyone could do better than Redman and Davies have been lately…let’s hope for better luck.

Willie Harris’ .444, 1 2B, 1 RBI, 3 BB’s and 3 SB’s is a good start under 20 at bats. Ryan who?

Giles’ return to Atlanta, a little bittersweet but is anyone else as happy as I am with Kelly Johnson at second in leadoff? .303 BA .445 OBP (nice) 5 HR’s, 3 SB’s and a nice 28 BB’s to 21 K’s in 109 AB’s. The guys is getting on base and only has one error. Marcus has a better BA but his OBP is significantly lower. I’d like to see more of a threat on the basepaths and wouldn’t mind seeing Harris at leadoff.

Andruw Jones’ 0-20 slump only 5HRs, and 33 K’s is enough for me to have him hit 8th a couple of nights. This guy has never seemed to learn the value of small ball and getting timely hitting. I love AJ and DO NOT want to see him leave but I would like to see Andruw hit for average one year.Ph_116662

Braves dropped one last night to Chris Young’s stellar pitching performance and have the second round tonight looking to make some headway on another NL West series win.